Huge Collection of customized wearable contents!
More gets added with every patch!

Customized Monsters and bosses all over the maps ready to fight!

Fully customized, incredibly pvp oriented Events every 2 hours

Completely Reimagined makeover to some Areas in game, more to come!


Welcome to the Void

We are a v1.5.3 high rate Perfect World server made based on exceptional ideas and imaginations of our unprecedented development team and its loyal community. This is where the original gearing and balance system meets High Channeling and APS along with a high defense curve to create the perfect PvP system which will test players in both extreme solo reflex as well as team work.

Server Information

Max level 150
No Duskblade or Stormbringer
High Channeling and High APS
Custom Armors and Weapons with fixed stats
Custom Ornaments with Custom Engraving systems
Minimal PvE
Automated events every 2 hours
No Donation Gears

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Top 10

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