Every adventurer needs a place to call home. We are most pleased to present you to the Homestead System. This will charge high-level players with their very own homestead. Nestled in the heart of a forsaken forest lies a lavish mansion, ready to be designed and furnished. These homesteads serve as a safe haven for wandering travelers, where players can also craft items, offer contract jobs and generate precious resources.

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Uncharted Paradise

This 10-player max level dungeon is not for the weak hearted! This paradise once was a prosperous village until Pan Gu flooded the world. Now, it’s destroyed and divided into seven pieces, each ruled by a powerful Guardian. Team up with friends to complete unique challenges and gather resources integral to crafting the most powerful gear ever seen.

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Custom Content

Highly customized server from custom name colors to custom maps and contents.

5 Regions Supported

NA: 1 Canada and 1 USA / EU: 1 Strasbourg and 1 London / Asia: 1 Singapore / Coming Soon : Australia Sidney

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Perfect World Void's official Discord server!

                                                                                               Hello everyone,We invite you to join our Discord server for faster support and replies to your questions ...

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by Euikon on Jan 31, 2019